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I live on a lake and I was not able to get Internet… Until I found Travis and Kameron at TK networks.. they came right out here and within no time I had blazing fast Internet! It was quite a long run and they made it so that you wouldn’t even know they were here… I am very pleased with their customer service and the Internet service in every way. I would definitely recommend them for anyone… If you’re in a hard area to get Internet or even if you have had Internet for years… You should give them a try!!!

Bill N.

Nancy Poplawski

I have really enjoyed working with the TK Network team. Messages are returned promptly and requested service is provided quickly as well. If there are any issues that arise with the system the customer base is notified by email and the issues are addressed quickly.

Adam Twente

I use TK networks to get fast internet to our cabin in Maine. Before them we used satellite which had a slow an unreliable connection especially in lousy weather. Wish I had found out about them sooner, Travis is great!

Will Zurkan

I live in Portland Maine. I often have friends with businesses using another provider contact me to work at my place cause their provider has issues. I seldom have internet access issues since using TK Networks. They have been responsive whenever there has been an issue with my internet access. I recommend them to be your internet provider.


Amazing Internet service and customer service like no other company I have ever had before five stars ?

Melinda Larrabee-Robinson

Wonderful service and set up was so easy!! Best service I have ever had !!

Cynthia Provencher

Fantastic service. Was easy to have set up and we are notified with any issues always with quick resolution.

Justin Bragdon

We have used TK Networks for internet for the past 2 years. My wife works from home and 3 kids streaming all the time causes lots of demand! We have never experienced slow service once. We have also only lost connection due routine service and for minutes if caused by storm related issues. Communication from the company is amazing. I have recommended to everyone on my road. If you are thinking about switching then call now! I was sure glad I did.

Gaby Lesch

We worked with Travis and his team to change over our company’s internet over to fiber. After a little over a month of their service, we are extremely pleased with the results! We used to have internet (from a popular internet provider in the area) dropping out all the time and our upload speeds were dismal. It was terrible for business. Now, with TK Networks, we have symmetrical download/upload and our employees and clients are seeing the HUGE benefits we gain from speedy and more importantly, reliable, internet. Travis was also really understanding, professional and fun to work with. So far, we could not be happier with our decision to go with TK Networks for our business internet!

Matt Leonard

I had TK Networks install a WiFi 6 mesh system as well as security cameras, lights, etc. All I can say is… WOW! Pulling over 700Mbps download on my phone! Laptop has been 850 Mbps+ consistently. Absolutely worth it! If you feel the need for speed and are paying for it, you should upgrade from a router and/or WiFi extenders. Travis did a great job explaining the different options as well as the hows and whys. As far as the camera system, doorbell, lights, etc. also, awesome! I have no clue why businesses are dealing with pixelated crappy video when I’m over here with 4k 3x optical zoom with infrared camera… Oh, and it’s all power over ethernet meaning there’s no electrician needed, just the ethernet cables. They were also great to work with; no pushy sales. Provided multiple price point quotes. Definitely check them out for a quote if you are in Lewiston, Auburn, Portland, southern or central Maine. 10/10 recommend!

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