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Choose from one of our packages and get up home internet service with us in Portland, ME or Auburn, ME

Getting online is faster and easier than ever these days. If you're tired of dealing with slow internet in your home, turn to TK Networks for high-speed home internet service in Portland, ME and Auburn, ME. Our internet technicians have all the professional tools ready to provide you with a seamless internet experience. We'll easily install the proper equipment for you to be online from anywhere in your home.

Schedule an appointment with us today for home internet service. Don't forget to ask about our internet packages to choose from.

Don't settle for slow internet

Don't settle for slow internet

If you're ready to switch to an affordable and high-speed internet provider, choose TK Networks. Signing up and getting set up with our internet services is simple.

This process includes:

  • Calling us to see if your home qualifies for home internet service
  • Scheduling a time for one of our technicians to verify signal quality of your home
  • Installing necessary equipment to bring internet access to your home
  • Signing up for one of our four internet packages

Don't put off home internet services for too long. Call us today at 207-578-7227.